Cool Vacations For Guys: Shobac Cottages

cool vacations Shobac Cottages


What: Shobac Cottages
Where: Lunenburg, Canada
Why: Because not every dude wants to vacation in Vegas.

From school houses to cottages to studios, you can rent modernized quarters on the coast of Lunenberg — it’s near Nova Scotia —  with plenty of privacy and expansive views. Whether you’re looking to rest, relax, hike, kayak, ride a horse, or hunt yetis (or should they be sasquatches?), you’re both isolated and connected to civilization at the same time. On-site, be staying in places designed to run on solar energy and crafted to keep environmental impact to a minimum. Want to see a few humans? Hop a nearby ferry to LaHave River to hang at Rissers Beach or Crescent Beach. Or go to Lunenburg, a UNESCO world heritage site, to feast on tasty grub and scope out the incredible wooden architecture.

Shobac also hosts workshops, meetings and weddings, so make sure to book your cottage in advance. The season lasts from May to the end of November.

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