Creative Ideas To Take Your Marriage Proposal To The Next Level

stephen leonardi hqUkno6qO9Q unsplash

So you’ve decided to pop the big question? Congratulations! Just deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone special is already worth celebrating. While surprise proposals are known as the best kinds, two out of three brides have reported knowing or had suspicions that their partner was planning something, according to The Knot. The good news is that there’s no wrong way if you follow your heart and let your creativity guide you in the right direction. But, before you pop the champagne and set the date, now’s the time to plan the perfect marriage proposal. Here are several unique ways to take your marriage proposal to the next level. 

Photo Booth 

Plan a fun day trip that will take the tension and anxiety out of the proposal. Do you and your partner enjoy taking trips to the pier or visit the arcade? Photo booths are quick, fun, and capture candid memories that can’t be replicated elsewhere. As the shutters start to click, present the on-trend engagement ring and let the camera catch their reaction. Be sure to plan your date accordingly and book the booth ahead of time, if possible. You can even have your friends and family greet you outside the booth for the ultimate surprise.  

Rooftop Romance 

Ready to take the next big step but can’t leave the city? Let the skyline views do its magic on your rooftop proposal. You don’t need a fancy roof, but make sure to set up on a beautiful clear day or night. Take this opportunity to get creative and set up a romantic table for two. You can prepare a picnic, and bring a speaker to play your favorite songs

Not into drastic decorations like balloons and flower petals? Decorate the space with candles or LED lights and spread photos of your special moments together. You can even set the engagement ring in the middle of the display to emphasize the big moment. If you want your proposal to be a bit fancier, consider asking friends for help or hire an event decorator to enhance the urban rooftop space. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Who doesn’t enjoy a good surprise scavenger hunt? Think of certain places that are meaningful to your relationships, such as your favorite restaurant or hiking spot, and send your partner to these places. Throw in a stop at their favorite boutique or a salon appointment to set the tone. You can set cards or notes at each spot. By the end of the scavenger hunt, propose at a romantic spot with your loved ones waiting with you or hire a photographer to capture your special moment.  

Rewrite the Stars

Let the stars do the talking by popping the question at the local planetarium. Discuss your plans with the staff and align the stars during a planetarium show to spell: Will you marry me?’ In addition, you can have a star dedicated to your partner as a special day to remember. 

The process of getting engagement doesn’t have to be cheesy or cost a fortune. Be sure to have a photographer document the special moment as the footage may also be used on your wedding day and to look back on after years of marriage.