Natural Methods You Can Use to Control Stress and Anxiety

Going to work, raising a family, and paying bills are all sources of stress for most adults. While handling a fair amount of stress is relatively normal, there is a fine line between an acceptable amount of stress and feeling overwhelmed. The longer you allow this kind of pressure to permeate every part of your life, the harder it will be to avoid anxiety. Over 40 million Americans report dealing with anxiety on a regular basis.

Severe anxiety can prohibit you from living a happy and fulfilling life, which is why getting a handle on this problem is a must. If you are like most people, you don’t want to take powerful pharmaceuticals to control your anxiety. This is why using natural methods to lessen the anxiety you have should be a top concern. Below is some helpful information about anxiety and how you can control it naturally.


The Psychological and Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

While it is true people deal with stress and anxiety in different ways, there are some pretty common physical and psychological problems caused by these conditions. Knowing the warning signs is the first step in realizing you have a problem with anxiety. Doing something about this problem is crucial when trying to live a productive and happy life. The most common physical symptoms associated with anxiety and stress are:

·        Trouble getting and staying asleep

·        Extreme fatigue

·        Rapid heartbeat and breathing

·        Ongoing bouts with muscle tension

·        Shaking and dizziness

·        Loss of appetite

There are also a number of mental problems you will notice when anxiety and stress levels are out of control. These symptoms include things like:

·        Problems with irrational anger

·        Feelings of nervousness especially in social settings

·        The inability to concentrate

The longer you allow problems with anxiety and stress to linger, the harder it will be to avoid serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. This is why your main priority should be getting this problem under control immediately.

Great Ways to Control Anxiety Naturally

As you can see, problems with stress and anxiety will only get worse if left untreated. The last thing you want is for your issues with stress and anxiety to rob you of your joy. This is why finding ways to fix this issue is so important. Luckily, there are tons of natural methods you can use to get this common problem under control. You just need to ask questions like does running help anxiety, or what is the right approach to deal with it?

Talk with Your Doctor About Supplements

Did you realize that low levels of B-12 and vitamin D can cause a person to develop anxiety? These substances are not the only ones that can cause an uptick in stress and anxiety. If you feel like a lack of certain vitamins or minerals causes your anxiety issues to flare up, you need to speak with your doctor about taking supplements. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements like they do pharmaceuticals, you need to do your homework before taking anything new.

Most doctors recommend supplements containing vitamin D or magnesium glycinate when trying to reduce stress and anxiety. You can also increase the amount of fish in your diet if you want to provide your body with more B-12 and omega-3 fatty acids. If you want to increase the amount of magnesium in your diet, oatmeal, nuts, and dark green vegetables are a great addition.

The Power of a Protein-Rich Breakfast

One of the main things a doctor may recommend to a patient who wants to control their stress and anxiety naturally is changes in their diet. Many Americans in a diet that is filled with sugar and empty calories. Eating these unhealthy foods can result in insulin spikes, which in turn can lead to feelings of anxiousness. Controlling your blood sugar levels is a must when trying to reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Starting the day with a protein-rich breakfast is crucial for a person dealing with anxiety. Eating meats, eggs, and even nuts for breakfast is a great way to keep your glucose levels from dipping and spiking. Throughout the day, you need to incorporate beans, fish, and nuts into your meals. You also need to avoid skipping meals due to the blood sugar issues this can cause. Eating a diet of higher protein can also help you shed a few unwanted pounds.

Fix Sleep-Related Problems

For years, doctors and scientists have noted a correlation between sleep loss and severe anxiety. The parts of the brain designed to regulate anxiety and emotion are extremely sensitive to sleep deprivation. This means that being unable to sleep will make you feel more anxious. If you are struggling to make it through the day due to sleep-related problems, your main goal needs to be fixing these issues immediately.

Using popular herbs and supplements to get rest at night is a good idea. Things like chamomile and melatonin are used by millions of people to help them relax at night. If your insomnia problems persist even after you start taking these supplements, you need to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. They will be able to go over the treatment options at your disposal and which ones are the best fit. With their help, getting your sleep schedule back on track will be much easier.

Identify Your Triggers

The more you know about your anxiety, the easier it will be to control the negative effects it causes. This is why identifying the things that trigger severe anxiety is so significant. For instance, if you notice your anxiety increases substantially when dealing with large crowds, you may need to avoid gatherings for a while. If your stress is being caused by too much time at work, taking a vacation is advisable. Once you know what your triggers are, you can start to mitigate the risks associated with them and get your life back on track.


Attack Anxiety Head-On

Ignoring your anxiety in hopes that it will go away is a bad idea. When left untreated, stress and anxiety tend to get worse. Using one of the natural methods mentioned here to control your stress and anxiety can help you get back to normal in no time.