8 Cool Drink Coasters That Aren’t Lame in 2023

cool drink coasters for men floppy diskettes

#3. Retro Floppy Disk Silicone Drink Coasters ($13 for a set of 4 @ Amazon.com)

Non-slip, soft silicone resists heat and will last light years longer than the cheap floppy disks they’re modeled after. They’re good for use on natural wood and will not leave streaks or marks on other surfaces.
drink coasters for guys mustache wood

#4. Natural Wood Intellectual Mustache Cup Coasters ($20 for a set of 6 @ Amazon.com)

The coasters come with a variety of ‘staches and are printed with water-resistant ink, meaning the mustaches won’t be warped from exposure to condensation. However, color liquids like red wine, root beer, or Ecto Cooler will leave stain (or dye the mustache).