8 Cool Drink Coasters That Aren’t Lame in 2023

cool drink coasters that aren't lame

#5. BANKSY Print Coasters (Pack of 10 for $17 @ Amazon.com)

High-quality cock-back 11cm x 11cm coasters will make your boring coffee cup look all artsy fartsy sitting atop these BANKSY=inspired remix coasters.


cool drink coasters for guys cat coster for women

#6. Nyan Cat Glasses Funny Kitten Round Coaster ($10 for 4 @ Amazon.com)

These are more likely gifts for a woman in your life — a neighbor, friend of a friend who you may at some point want to sleep with, the crazy cat lady who lives next door, etc. We don’t expect you to keep them for yourself. And we’ll be coming around looking to make sure you don’t.