8 Cool Drink Coasters That Aren’t Lame in 2023

cool drink coasters for guys

You probably put as much thought into cool drink coasters as you do a welcome mat or shower curtains. That’s understandable considering coasters aren’t exactly a focal point of home decor. But owning a unique set of cool coasters is actually a good idea. While all coasters were created to prevent condensation from warping the surface of your furniture, a set of awesome coasters can also tell guests something about your personality and interests, and even potentially spark a conversation if a date comes back to your place for coffee*.

The point is, the best drink coasters we found are way cooler than using mail, magazines, or pamphlets. *We mean actual coffee in this case, not sex.

cool drink coaster iron man

#1. Iron Man Arc Rector Coasters ($13 for 4 @ Amazon.com)

The next best thing to owning an Iron Man suit? Well, having the opportunities to get laid as often as Robert Downey Jr. did when he was whoring and drugging all over Hollywood. Looks like we’ll have to settle for these stain-resistant Iron Man drink coasters. And since you’re thinking it, we’ll address it — no, they do not contain palladium.

Drink Coasters That Aren't Lame Records

#2. Vinyl Records Coaster ($18 for a set of 6 @ Amazon.com)

Created from recycled records, these LP coasters are double-sided and laminated, so your Diet Coke will erode your teeth but won’t reach the record’s label. Unfortunately, you can’t choose your own records, so there’s a chance you’ll be singing the blues when Donna Summers arrives instead of the B.B. King.