Dude Records Beard Growth For A Year, Sports Monster Face Bush [Video]

Ever wonder what you’d look one year from today if you shaved and let your facial hair grow without interference? A dude from Las Vegas removed the mystery for us by doing just that and creating a time-lapse video showing how quickly (or slowly) the hair grows. As an added bonus you get 365 close-ups of the dude’s face. (The guy’s name is Justin Basl, which we learned from the Daily News). Toward the end — as you can tell from the still — he’s full-blown Forrest Gump.

As for when he’s ready to slice that fur off his mug, he’ll need to handle it with care. Of course, if you want to continue to gain hits on YouTube he can get a buddy with amazing samurai sword skills to take swipes at it; or he can do it methodically: 1) snip with scissors; 2) use a hair trimmer to get the excess; 3) shave again.

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