Say Hi To An Eco-Friendly Hoodie

Eco-friendly hoodie

Giving a shit or two about the environment doesn’t make you a tree hugger; being a dirty hippie does that. So when you put thought into how the items you purchase or wear are made, we like to call it being a conscious human being instead of an ignorant douche. Point is: There’s nothing wrong with paying attention.

Also: This hoodie has built-in headphones!

That’s why we’re fans of clothing brand Alternative. They use organic cotton and partner with sustainable textile merchants in Peru. We dig that. They have an entire fleet of clothing for dudes, including tank tops, polos, pants, and shorts. Their clothes are all super soft (gotta love that Peruvian cotton!), but it being spring and all, we’re in the market for hoodies.

Our top picks from their lineup include the Rocky Fleece Zip Hoodie ($54) and Hoodlum Fleece Pullover Hoodie ($54), which are pictured on the left and right, respectively. They have plenty of different colors available for each hoodie, including black, blue grey, gold, purple, and burgundy.