9 Essential Pieces Of Gear To Survive A Zombie Takeover

 Essential Gear For Surviving A Zombie Takeover

If the zombie apocalypse wasn’t inevitable, why would the Center for Disease Control and Prevention take the time to come up with a pamphlet outlining what to do in case of a walking dead breakout? (Answer: they have a sense of humor and the protocols are practically the same for any emergency situation.)

Still, they left a few things off of their list — like, gear that can help you slay walkers and remain among the living. Whether you’re starting to hunker down and prepare or you just like owning badass and useful stuff that can also be used if the grid goes down from earthquake, tornado, or any natural disaster or alien invasion, consider these items …

machete zombie slayer#1. Z-Hunter Zombie Machete S.S. Blade ($22 @ Amazon.com)
This 25-inch stainless steel machete is a sturdy self-defense zombie slayer that allows you to dispatch walkers from a safe distance. Read: keep the zombies at bay, you don’t get bit. Complete with a protective sheath for storage that attaches to your belt, you will have easy access to this weapon whenever necessary.

zombie cutter spyderco civilian#2. Spyderco Civilian ($137 @ Amazon.com)
The ultimate self-defense tool, this serrated-edge knife becomes an extension of its bearer with its unique reverse “S” blade that is made to use as if it were the sharpest of over-sized claws. A G-10 handle and an ultra-thin tip complete the perfect package. The trouble with this tool is that the distance will be closed and it’s meant more for slashing than stabbing. Still, it’s quality steel and unique offerings make it a must-own for the apocalypse. 


bear survival guide#3. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit ($37 @ Amazon.com)
All the little things you’ll need are conveniently stuffed into one small pouch. Items such as snare wire to catch your prey and waterproof matches to keep the night at bay. A rip-resistant nylon bag carries these and other items that include fire starter, survival blanket, knives, pliers, wire cutters, miniature light and signaling mirror.


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