Fashion and Style Tips for Men

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Looking good is always a thing that matters. And during all the time looking good mattered, there were tips and rules about “dressіng to impress.” Many men and women take care of their outfits every day and think about what to wear, and there are lots of tips and advice on how to do it better. However, people are all unique, and what works for one will never fit another. So you have to always be sure that you take into consideration your personal experience and features. Another thing is to understand where you are going: is it a date, party, some official reception or whatever else.

Fashion trends change each week, so it can be challenging to run after them all the time. At the same time, there are rules that work for ages and who ever said they wouldn’t work today?

1. Wear your suit well

No label inside your suit impresses anyone till your suit fits. “Fits” means that you have to look at its shoulders because getting the chest and waist tailored to your measures is a relatively easy task. Classic suits often become a great choice — dark, two-button, single-breasted, moderate in detail. Try to be always moderate in detail, and you will see how soon it will become interesting.

2. Invest in your watch wisely

Please keep in mind that choosing a good watch is forms a great part of your look. But always choose a watch because you like it, not because somebody will probably like it. Still, it is necessary to remember that there are different kinds of watches: aesthetic, functional, rugged sports models go with anything and can take the hard duty of everyday wear. Anyway, the watch still has to fit you well and feel so comfortable as if it is a part of your arm.

3. Don’t shy away from colour

Whatever your outfit is, formal or casual, it will look better if you add some colour. Most men are afraid of colours when it comes to something different from navy or gray. But, if you are brave enough, a green suit can look particularly remarkable. Also, Oliver Spencer, a menswear designer, recommends trying pinks, brighter shades of blue and green. At the same time, he adds: “You just need a bit of it, in one garment.”

4. Look after your appearance

You might have heard this from your mom, but still, you have to do it no matter what. Anyway, after you invested money into your outfit, make it work as long as possible. Don’t forget to use hangers, shoe-trees and so on. Dry-cleaning and pressing suits and creaming shoes will make them shine as new for a really long time. Another part of your look, most important, we suppose, is yourself. Also, take care of your healthy food and physical activity. Read more on how to make your skin look better and some exercises advice on to help you to stay fit. Establish a simple, but no less solid, grooming regime, brush your hair and cut your nails. After all, the devil resides in the details.

5. Spend money on shoes

Shape, colour, design — all of it is important for your shoes, but all goes awry as soon as your shoes have broken, lost colour or just look unpresentable after you wore them just a few times. Another fact to deal with is the time you are going to spend on your shoes each day — always remember about your comfort, and that a small problem with uncomfortable shoes can cause a disaster after you spend a few hours wearing them.

6. Keep accessorizing to a minimum

Wearing a classic suit can give you an idea to show individuality by adding pocket squares or ties. This is a great idea, anyway, but it is necessary to be careful and always keep your look in harmony, using a colour or two with occasional splashes. Another point is your tie — it has to be darker than your jacket. And never overdo the number of details in your look — the central part is still you and your suit.

Choosing your own style is a matter of your own experience and personality, but these easy rules can help you to make your own style comfortable and appropriate for any situations and decorations around.