Five Tips for a Healthy Open Relationship

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Monogamy has traditionally been a society-accepted rule for relationships. However, it is not necessary to conform to society’s rules all the time. Many couples these days are exploring open or polyamory relationships. Polyamory, meaning engaging in romantic (and typically sexual) relations with multiple partners with consent from all involved parties, allows one more freedom in exploring. If you want to try it, here are five tips for maintaining a healthy open relationship.

Don’t Lie To Your Partners

Any kind of relationship is based on trust, and that holds true for open relationships as well. So, if you wish to have sexual affairs outside your relationship, it is crucial you get explicit verbal approval from your partners.

Be open and honest about your romantic endeavors. This will help to build a greater degree of trust and bring more stability to your relationship when you’re involved with multiple partners. If you lie or hide your affairs, it may hurt your partner later if they find out.

Settle Your Sleeping Arrangement

When you’re dealing with multiple partners, sort out the sleeping arrangement early on. All the concerning parties must be aware and agree on the settled agreement. If you live alone or with your primary lover, coming to an arrangement might not be difficult.

However, if you live with your family, you must decide your priority and decide on arrangements accordingly. For example, if you have children, you can make an arrangement that does not compromise your children’s wellbeing in any way.

Treat Your Partners Respectfully

In a polyamory relation, you will have a primary partner and a secondary partner. Your primary partner may be your wife or girlfriend, with whom you might share a home or even a family. This primary relation usually has greater priority over secondary relations.

However, this does not mean that you should treat your secondary partners with less respect or be inconsiderate towards them. Treat your partners equally in terms of kindness and compassion.

Be Adaptive To Changes

Open relationships give you the freedom to explore as much as you want. To have that, you must lay down rules to ensure emotional stability for every partner. However, with time changes are sure to occur – in both the relationship and the persons. When that happens, you should be ready to adjust.

Instead of being stringent with the rules, try to accommodate the changes. Be flexible when a mistake or slip-up occurs. Try to be more forgiving, no matter who makes the error.

Prioritize Your Protection

Even if you adjust with other rules, one rule that must remain fixed is protection. If you want to explore an open relationship, you must practice safe sexDiscuss this with your partner and decide on the rules.

Both of you must understand the importance of protection. Then you can also decide when to use or not to use protection.


Practicing the aforementioned rules can help you maintain an open relationship. As you move forward, you will likely learn more, understand more. With that, the open relationship will become much easier for both you and your partners.