Predicting The Top 3 NFL Teams To Keep An Eye On This Season

adrian curiel GPDUfIlooM unsplash

Alright people, there’s officially no turning back now. The 2021 NFL season is closer than it is further away and with that said it’s time to start talking about which teams all pro American football fans should be following this season, especially if they wish to make some extra money here and there. Year in and year out all teams prepare themselves for an action-packed thrilling season in the hopes of being the next team to conquer the coveted Lombardi trophy which makes them the Super Bowl champions, so who should fans be looking over this season?

While all NFL predictions pundits will be focusing on the defending Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Mahomes led Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers who could easily see this season be the last one in which Aaron Rodgers plays in a Packers uniform, let’s talk about a trio of other teams instead. Let’s talk about teams that have been flying under the radar a little bit for the past few seasons but are now completely ready to put the league on notice and go for strong postseason runs.

Los Angeles Chargers

Let’s get the ball rolling with a team who will be debuting a new head coach on Brandon Staley but will also be coming into the season with a player in Justin Herbert more than ready to prove to everyone that his 2020 stellar season was no fluke, the Los Angeles Chargers. It came to no surprise why Chargers QB Justin Herbert ended up winning the 2020 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award. His numbers were amazing, his playing style practically made the Chargers go through a complete offensive makeover, a much needed one too and again, that was just his rookie season. This man can break tackles with ease, he can run the ball, he has a cannon for an arm, and he looks like a seasoned pro doing all of this. Accompanied by star receiver Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Tyron Johnson and rookie Josh Palmer, as well as top RB Austin Ekeler and TE Jared Cook, Herbert will have plenty to choose from down the field for LA.

On the defensive side of the ball the Chargers are just as stacked as in offense, with names like Derwin James and Joey Bosa all leading the helm of an LA defense that when at full health can easily be considered one of the best defenses in not just the AFC, but the NFL entirely. While they’ll have a tough task ahead to try and beat Kansas City out of the top spot in the AFC West division, if there’s a team that can give KC a run for their divisional title it’s Hebert and the Volts.

Arizona Cardinals

If you as a football fan are not excited to see what will happen once QB Kyler Murray and WR DeAndre Hopkins start linking up downfield for the Arizona Cardinals, you clearly have no idea what’s in store for football fans all around. While the Cardinals have become sort of a volatile pick in the past seasons, especially last season, this 2021 season is looking like it will be one for the ages for Arizona. Given Kyler Murray’s natural talent at QB and a very stacked roster surrounding him, not keeping the Cardinals close in your list of picks would be a mistake.

The addition of top-5 WR DeAndre Hopkins to a backfield that holds the likes of future hall of famer Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk and A.J. Green sounds like enough reasons to keep Murray entertained and always on his best passing abilities. Bringing in former Steelers RB James Conner will also help toughen up an RB room that is in need of pure strength and speed. But remember this, Hopkins, if able to get going with Murray in the best way possible will dominate any and all opposing defenses downfield, guaranteed. On the defensive side of the ball having guys like Budda Baker and Byron Murphy helping out star defenders Chandler Jones and Isaiah Simmons should be a warning sign for opposing offenses that they will get beat up badly if they try to score on Arizona. The NFC West is usually one of the most fought out divisions, but if Murray can step up and lead Arizona, there will be no Seahawks or Niners that can stop them.

Miami Dolphins

While basically everyone around the league was taking jabs at the Miami Dolphins for years, what not a lot of people failed to notice is that they were quietly building up one of the best teams in the AFC and 2021 seems like the perfect season to let them loose to see what they can do. The Dolphins were really close to landing a spot in the playoffs last season led by journeyman QB Ryan Fitzpatrick but failed to go into the postseason. This season though, Miami is giving out all the right vibes that a postseason run may be in the books.

Led by young QB Tua Tagovailoa, with a receiver core that can brag about being one of the best in the AFC with the likes of Will Fuller, DeVante Parker and rookie Jaylen Waddle, this unit has all the players needed to become one of the most dangerous scoring threats in the league if all players play at their full potential. On the defense, this Dolphins core has been showing signs of greatness for years now and even after the departure of some key players over the offseason, this is a defense that if it does not let Xavien Howard go could easily be in the Top 10 of the league. The Dolphins might not have what it takes to beat the Bills out of the AFC East title, but they do have what it takes for a playoff run, maybe through a wildcard spot.