No, The BBQ Dragon Isn’t A Hairdryer

bbq dragon for grilling

We’re impatient people — especially when we’re hungry enough to eat the food bits from used floss. So we’re on board with just about any product that can reduce the time food heats up or cools down, and otherwise turns foodstuff into something hot and delicious super quick, fast, and in a hurry. And that’s why we’re fans of the BBQ Dragon ($50 @ At first we thought it was a gimmick, like a hairdryer for our grill. It wasn’t.

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We used it to heat up charcoal and it certainly got the job done. To get it going all we needed was AA batteries and fingers to turn a nob from “Off” to “On.” We clipped our BBQ Dragon to the side of our grill while we prepped food, and by the time we were ready to toss a slab of dead animal onto the grate the temperature was spot on for torching flesh. We also liked its adjustability, sleek design, and hands-free operation.

But the Dragon is no one-trick pony. You can also use it to blast fire pits, fireplaces, wood stoves, smokers, and campfires with a low-velocity stream of cool air that’ll help generate more heat from the fire. We haven’t used it for any of those things yet, but we do have it on standby for when the aliens invade. After the battle for Earth goes down and the dust clears, our plan is to use it to stoke the biggest signal fire in our planet’s history. Until then, we’ll use it again the next time we grill.