Hugo Boss Unlimited: Smell Like Summer (Not Like Trash)

Hugo Boss Unlimited

Anyone that says guys shouldn’t put time into how they look, smell, or dress is clearly a fool who doesn’t touch boobs very often. That’s not to say you should live in front of a mirror. All you need are the basics — product in your hair, deodorant under your arms, and the right scent to mask any heat-induced B.O.

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Our advice? Skip body sprays. You’ll stink like a batch of chemicals. Hugo Boss Unlimited ($54 for 3.4 oz. @ include notes of mint, violet leaves, pineapple, grapefruit, rose, and sandalwood musk. It’s a refreshing scent that she’ll notice without it seeming like you were trying too hard to get her to notice. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Point is, it’s not overpowering. And it’s also not a terrible gift idea for Father’s Day. Anything — including body spray — that can help your pop rid himself of that geriatric “old man” stink will make your mom a happier lady. You can tell her to consider it an early Mother’s Day present.