Giveaway: Win an iPad Mini And Smell Extra Delicious!

ipad mini giveaway old spice

Looking and smelling good is a reward in and of itself. (If you look like a vagrant, smell like dehydrated road apples, and still get laid, we bow to you, sir.). So winning cool stuff, like hair products, a gift card, and an iPad mini for simply for learning how to look and smell good is totally amazing.

Also: Old Spice For The Hair: It Stinks Oh So Good

And that must mean the folks over at Old Spice are amazing because that’s what they’re offering one of you. Before we tell you how to enter, a quick product plug … Old Spice Spiffy Sculpting Pomade is an easy-to-apply hair product that will allow you to mold your hair any way you please. Even if your haven’t washed your hair in weeks — and that’s super gross, you slob —  it’ll make your mane smell exactly like you’d expect Old Spice product to smell: like a blend of manly freshness with a subtle hint of awesome.


Plus, Spiffy pomade gives you the power to turn your hair into whatever shape you want, including a Mohawk, fauxhawk, or blowhawk, as such …


So here’s what the kind folks over at Old Spice are offering:

• Five (5) jars of Old Spice Spiffy Sculpting Pomade
• One (1) $25 iTunes gift card
• One (1) iPad Mini

Dude, it’s super easy. All you need to do to enter is CLICK HERE, click a bunch of buttons, and read a bunch of our content. The more you click, the more you enter. Seriously, that’s how easy we’ve made it. That said: If you want to leave us funny, interesting, or semi-insulting comments on Facebook, that doesn’t hurt your odds, either. Of course, it doesn’t help them, but we love hearing from you.