How Can You Plan A Perfect First Date? You Can’t, But You Can Try

Plan A Perfect First Date

Having a plan for a perfect first date is a great idea. Having a plan B is for your perfect first date is an even better idea since things never go to plan (and Plan A probably sucked anyway).  So, what do you do? First, try to get some info on her. For example, you don’t want to take her to a steakhouse if she’s a vegetarian. Find out what types of things she likes and make an executive decision. We suggest mining Groupon or Living Social for an activity. You can do BYOB painting, for example. That’ll keep you occupied while you talk. If that’s not you, just stick with drinks. Dinner might be too much to handle if the night turns sour for either of you.

Make sure you have some pre-loaded questions beforehand. Don’t recite these like you’re rehearsing a play, but keep them in your head on the chance the conversation dries up. (We came up with a list of ways to avoid awkward silence here.) Have at least five in your arsenal.

Take note of her body language. If she’s giving you signs that she’s not interested — crossing her arms, creating space, etc. — she’s probably not interested in you. Don’t let the night drag on. Drink up and get the hell out.

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Give yourself an out early on. Don’t pull some bullshit like, “I have an early day tomorrow.” Everyone uses that. Be specific. “I have an appointment with the proctologist tomorrow.” Way better. We’re kidding, but saying you have a dentist appointment, you need to pick someone up at the airport, you have an eye exam, etc. is better than vaguely saying “tomorrow is a busy day.” She’s busy, too. Unless she’s out of work.

If things sucked, don’t bother saying “I’ll call/text/get in touch with you.” Just let it go. Thank her for the company and say goodnight. If things go well but you’re unsure, tell her you had a good time and that you hope to see her again. If you don’t hear from her in a few days, get in touch with her via text or with a call. If she doesn’t answer within a day, let it go. She’s gone and you totally blew that first date. What’s wrong with you, anyway?


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