Great Things to Talk About With a Girl on the Phone


In 2019, the most popular dating app among American users was Grindr. The chart is organized by level of engagement. According to Statistica, Grindr users had 295.37 sessions a month.

With many dating apps to choose from, it’s difficult for some people to find things to talk about to a girl on the phone.

Following this guide will help you think of things to talk about with a girl on the phone

Things to Talk About With a Girl on the Phone

There are a lot of different things to talk about to a girl on the phone. But your number one priority is to keep her interested.

Forget Anxiety

Since you’ll be talking on the phone with this girl, it’s best to overcome your phone-anxiety. Don’t worry about your body language or the way you look.

The only she’ll hear is your voice and won’t see anything. So, there’s no need for anxiety when talking to a girl over the phone.

Start Casual

Don’t underestimate the power of small talk and casual conversation. Inject some pop culture references into the conversation, like delivering a pick-up line from a popular TV show.

You should also ask questions, even if you’re on the phone. Start out small and then work your way up.

  • “How you doin’?'” (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
  • Favorite movie / TV show
  • First rated R film

Casual discussion and small talk don’t have to start and end with movies. Ask questions about their career. If you met via an online dating app, you should’ve looked at her job experience.


Calling on the phone requires your full attention, unlike texting. It’s more personal and intimate. That’s why flirting over the phone can be difficult.

  1. Set the desired tone: this will clarify the mood you’re looking for
  2. Ask if you can exchange nudes — only send nudes if the other person is okay with it. Check the laws in your state.
  3. Genuine questions
  4. Horny questions

If you’re looking for something less casual and flirtier, try these phone chat numbers. These are some of the best chatlines for talking to women.


The beauty of talking with a stranger over the phone is that you can spill your guts to them. You can talk about your ex.

They won’t know your ex, so they can give you an unbiased opinion on your latest break up situation. Women love hearing about your past relationships.

The next time you hear your roommate complain about his girlfriend or your friend complain about her possessive boyfriend, make a mental note.


Deciding what to say to women is difficult and running out of topics is easy. But, if you talk about travel and ask a lot of questions, you may have a hook, line, and sinker of a conversation.

Women like traveling, and they like discussing travel ideas and plans, too. Even with strangers. Talking about traveling is a good way to keep the conversation light and fun.

Ask about places she’s traveled to, and where she’d like to travel in the future.

Keep It Simple

Forgetting anxiety and keeping casual conversation is the best way to start. Think about the mood you want to set when speaking. If you want a more flirty tone, rev up the conversation to something interesting.

Things to talk about with a girl on the phone include travel and relationships. The more fun the conversation, the longer you’ll talk to her.

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