He Wants Sex All the Time: What Does It Mean and What Do I Do?

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Sex is one of the most wonderful things two people can share. Though it is not the be-all and end-all in a relationship, it does offer many benefits.

It’s also a key element in keeping marriages happy. But as the saying goes, too much of anything is bad. Hence, the concern of some women regarding their partners: “he wants sex all the time.”

What does that exactly mean? And what should you do if you can’t seem to keep up with your partner’s needs? What if it is you who wants sex all the time? If these questions keep bugging you, continue reading below for the answers.

The Crux of the Matter

“He wants sex all the time!” That is what you keep telling your closest friends about your partner. Before we continue any further, this interesting concern doesn’t only apply to men.

Some women also have this insatiable urge for lovemaking. What exactly does this mean? Is it even a problem to begin with? The truth of the matter is people have different discrepancies when it comes to their desire to have sex. This discrepancy is also one of the most common problems sex therapists deal with. Wanting to make love occasionally is normal and healthy, but desiring to have sex all the time can be a sign of an underlying problem.

One of the most common reasons why men and women may want to have sex all the time is anxiety. Now, this is different in the case of people who are battling loneliness. The satisfaction they get from sex helps relieve their surging anxiety levels. Are you in a relationship with someone you met through a reputable dating site like Promenad? Did you and your partner already reach the deeper levels of intimacy?

They use sex to help regulate their mood. As they release during sex, they feel much better after. Though anxiety relief through sex is not bad per se, it may become a problem if that is the only reason why your partner wants to make love to you.

Start Building the Proper Foundation

The first step to resolving this struggle with your partner is to build a proper foundation. And when it comes to the best elements for building a foundation, it should be empathy and compassion. It means understanding where your partner is coming from. It involves empathizing with what he or she is going through.

The most important thing to remember is this: your partner is not selfish for wanting to have sex all the time. And neither are you incompetent because you cannot match your partner’s desires.

Change your mindset by dropping the idea that your partner is defective. Practice more empathy and compassion for your husband or wife. Establish this foundation and you’ll be able to resolve the matter faster.

Why He Wants Sex All the Time

“My husband wants sex all the time.” “I want sex all the time; what’s wrong with me?” These things will no longer bother you once you get to the root of the problem.

We mentioned earlier that some people run to sex to relieve anxiety. Resolving anxiety is one of the key points to consider. However, there is another possible root to the conundrum: sexual expectations.

People’s sexual expectations vary from person to person. They depend mainly on their ideas about sex while growing up. From these notions, we build our expectations about sex. Some men think that after a few minutes of kissing, sex should automatically follow. And once these expectations of your partner get into your head, you begin to view sex as a means to meet your partner’s expectations. In turn, you begin to overlook the value of doing what feels good or what makes you feel good.

Do Away with Shame, Pressure and Frustration

All the anxiety and sexual expectations may result in three things: shame, pressure, and frustration. These can affect both parties. Sometimes, one may only feel shame. However, there are instances when you go through all three. Regardless of the situation, the key is to approach the matter with curiosity. Using compassion and empathy, talk to your partner about the situation.

Be honest with how you feel and avoid any forms of judgment on your partner. Tell him that you know how much he loves to make love with you as often as you can. Tell him you understand how it frustrates him if you are unable to give him what he wants. And to resolve the matter, you need to give him the assurance that you want to solve the problem together. Ask him what it is that’s bothering him. Do so with a warm and respectful tone.

Don’t hesitate to ask about his physical health. Is there something he’s not telling you about his health? Do the same thing for his emotional health. You want your partner to share whatever it is that’s bothering him that makes him long for sex.

Collaboration is Key

Last but not least, you need to collaborate as you resolve the problem. You want to develop a better sexual relationship that is devoid of any pressure and judgment.

Start by incorporating something different. If the elements of your lovemaking become too predictable, add something different that will both take you to the same sexual level. Also, practice toughing your partner without expecting that sex should automatically follow. You can affectionately touch your husband or wife by hugging with more affection.

Learn how to cuddle and nothing more. It is normal for both of you to struggle at first. And in case the sexual urges remain strong, consider meeting halfway. You can do so by masturbating your partner.

Be the Best Partner You Can Be Now that you have a better understanding of why he wants sex all the time, you can show more love and attention to his needs without feeling bad about everything. By following our tips, you can become a better partner and strengthen your relati