Online Sports Betting Brings the Excitement Back

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With the Premier League’s move of Liverpool to tier three of virus restriction, in-person sports attendance continues to be a tantalizing, out-of-reach goal for sports fans.  Online sports betting quells the disappointment and gives fans an opportunity to engage in a meaningful way and to replace a bit of the missing fan camaraderie.

Leagues continue to evaluate options to bring fans back into stadiums, but with increased virus restrictions severely reducing or eliminating fan attendance, it is more than time to turn to alternative ways to improve the viewing experience.  One way is to put some actual money on the game.

Thanks to the proliferation of online sports betting platforms, like 20Bet betting welcome bonus, there are more options than ever for interacting with the game from the comfort of home or office (if you still go to one that is). These platforms have room for even the most casual of sports fans to make a little extra money or pass the time when there are fewer new series and films to while away the dark winter months.  

Many are missing the thrill of good play or the suspense of a close game.  That excitement can be matched with online sports betting, both with pre-game bets and live, in-game betting.  If you are entering the sports betting scene, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding the impact of the pandemic on sport outcomes:

Last-Minute Roster Changes 

It can be tempting to place a week’s worth of bets when you have a quiet moment, but pandemic protocols and possible exposures to both players and coaches can botch a promising parlay or big bet.  

Premier League virus testing is stepping up from once weekly to twice weekly testing for players, and the last round of tests from December 21 to December 27 yielded 18 positive tests.  Each of those tests results in a player unexpectedly out of the game and many more isolated for possible exposure.

When the match is cancelled, bets are usually voided.  While that is not as bad as losing outright, having a multi-leg parlay’s odds reduced as a result of a voided game can be a missed opportunity.  More importantly, that “sure” bet is much less likely with key players or coaching staff suddenly out of the game. 

No or Reduced Home Field Advantage

Home field advantage is no longer a given for home teams.  While bettors could reliably count on the home team to have a bit of a boost in the past, home team advantage is yet another thing changed by the pandemic.  

Teams are playing without the energy of their fans spurring them on or the help of a heckling crowd to drown out the opposing team’s play call huddle.  Even worse, some teams like the Toronto Raptors and the San Francisco 49ers no longer have a home stadium or field due to travel restrictions and gathering restrictions, respectively.

Teams that benefit from miserable weather at their home stadium are the exception and are now the lucky ones who still have a home team advantage at their backs.  

Players Opting Out

Teams are at reduced strength with players opting out of this season to protect the safety of their loved ones.  Your team’s roster may have changed little since the previous season, but players choosing to take a pass on the season will change the dynamic of the team, for better or worse. 

Travel Restrictions

Travel restrictions between the United States and Canada caused the National Hockey League to rezone the divisions of its teams to create an all-Canadian division.  This shake-up not only impacts the schedule of games but may also impact the race to the playoffs as some divisions become loaded with last year’s top teams while others are saturated with less competitive franchises.  

The pandemic continues to bring much uncertainty in innumerable ways, but use these considerations to manage its impact on your betting.  May 2021 bring you favorable odds and many winnings.