Horny Guy Lists Excuses His Wife Gives To Turn Down Sex, Shares With Internet


As first seen on Reddit, a 26-year-old married guy got tired of his wife turning him down for sex. Along with what we presume was a rabid masturbation habit, the guy also adopted the habit of keeping tabs on why she said no. He sent it to her when she was on a business trip, and then she posted it online after becoming angry with him for ignoring her calls. Clearly their relationship is stable.

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Knowing full well we should have his side, we can’t help but feel for her, too. When we feel gross, are watching our shows, might be getting sick, are too drunk, ate too much, have to be up early, or aren’t showered, we don’t want to have sex either. To difference is, we’d hop in the shower, pause our shows, and force ourselves to go to bed a little later to get busy. When you’re too drunk or feel sick, we get it. But not really.