How can I improve my gut health?

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To put it simply – if your gut’s not healthy, you’re not healthy. Your gut doesn’t just digest food – it’s one of the most important aspects of your body and contains over 70% of your immune system. If your gut is in a bad state, it isn’t an overnight fix – the complex system of live bacteria and microbiota takes time to cultivate. However, you shouldn’t lose hope – science has shown that there are a variety of lifestyle changes you can make that can have a huge positive impact on the state of your gut.


As one of the key digestive organs, it’s no surprise that the food you put into your body will have a big impact on your gut. Changing your diet to a more bacteria friendly structure will help to cultivate the right microbiome in your gut. But which foods are the best? The key is to create a diet with a wide range of nutrient-rich foods. These include vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, alongside delicious probiotic natural food. Fibre is another essential nutrient that can enrich your diet and make the digestive process much more smooth. The other benefit of fibre is that it provides your gut microbiome with fuel, helping it to thrive.

Remember – don’t compare your diet to your friends or family members. Your body will react differently to foods, so generic food advice won’t always work for everyone. Personalised diets could be a big stepping stone to finding the perfect foods for you. The end goal? Listen to your body and cultivate the perfect gut microbiome.


Exercise is great for every part of your body health, but did you know it can have a significant impact on your gut? A consistent, daily exercise routine has been shown to significantly improve the symptoms of poor gut health – such as gas or bloating – for a variety of reasons. We suggest getting at least half an hours worth of exercise every day. If you’re struggling to fit that into your busy schedule, try fusing other activities, such as commuting, with your exercise. It doesn’t have to be intense either – a brisk walk around the block every day could make all the difference to your gut health.


Have you ever had an uncomfortable belly when you’ve been stressed or nervous? Your mind and your gut are inherently linked due to the gut-brain axis. This axis allows both the mind and gut to interact with each other, meaning high levels of stress and anxiety can trigger uncomfortable gut symptoms. A variety of studies have shown that practising mindfulness on a sustained basis could have a significant effect on improving your gut health. Whether that’s meditation, yoga or nature walks in the woods, finding the right way to destress for you is essential if you’re going to sort out your gut health.

If you’re still looking for an extra boost to your gut health, live microbe gut supplements may be the way forward. Sons Gut Health Supplements are daily supplements that contain a variety of natural compounds, aimed at giving your gut a significant boost.