Twitch’s Biggest Gambling Streamers

The most popular online streaming platform has had a long history of big names in gambling – whilst a few years ago much of the focus had been around things like case and pack openings for the big names in Counter-Strike and FIFA, but there has been a shift recently with a bigger focus on slots and other online casino games as the most popular – there has been an uptick for real sport betting and gambling options too as some streamers have promoted things like horse racing sign up bonus or football betting options in the past, however these are much less common.

Whilst for now there’s little ruleset or regulation around the streaming of online gambling, it may be coming in fast as growing pressure is calling for change following other recent changes to other categories too – so who are the best streamers to watch in the gambling category?


m0E_tv – Formerly a professional Counter-Strike player, much of his audience came from his competitive gaming days, and from the gambling he used to do with case openings in that game too – whilst he still does play the shooter he has since moved to primarily streaming casino games instead with a big focus on slots, and with nearly a million followers on Twitch he is certainly the biggest of the pack.

He is a larger-than-life character and can be quite loud which isn’t to everyone’s taste, but he certainly does provide plenty of entertainment across longer streams which are very entertaining to watch.

Casino Daddy – A long standing stream which is made up of more than one person – the group of streamers that make up the team all have very different personalities so you’re more likely to find one personality that suits your own viewing interests much better too.

Whilst the channel is much smaller at around 150,000 followers, it has been primarily a casino streaming channel since it’s inception so whenever you tune in, you’re going to be finding the same content always related to casinos.

Roshtein – Considered the grandfather or king of slots streaming on Twitch, Roshstein has been around for nearly seven years making him perhaps the longest standing casino streamer on the platform. Whilst much smaller than the likes of m0E_tv, at around 400,000 followers on the platform, he certainly still leads the way for what to expect from a slot or casino streamer.

He has a great personality for viewing too, so if you are at all interested in seeing an experience slots player deliver exciting content, then he’s certainly worth giving a little time to in order to see some casino dedicated content.

It’s of course always important to be mindful of how money is spent on these streams, whilst some may be advertisements or sponsored streams, gambling should only ever be done with money you can afford to lose and watching  these streamers play with hundreds of thousands of dollars isn’t something to aspire or match, but just useful for good entertainment.