How do the models pose: Best male poses for fashion models

The fashion industry is traditionally associated with women, especially when it comes to models. There are whole books, tons of videos and even courses for women to get better at posing for photoshoots or at fashion shows. But what about men? Are the male poses and techniques any different? Well, the answer to that question is yes. Photographing male models is even believed to be harder than taking pictures of female models. So if you want to get into the fashion industry as a model, or you are interested in bettering your craft, here are male posing tips to help you out.

Get some inspiration

Before you even try any poses, get yourself inspired. Browse through portfolios of your favourite male models or photographers. Focus on the body movements, facial expressions, and what kind of poses could work for in your favour as well. Once you are inspired and have your research at the ready, let’s talk about some poses.

An active pose

Active or action posture is something that you should have figured out and in your arsenal. The most common out of poses connected with activity or movement is a jump pose. Make sure to elevate your legs or arms during the jump, and work on the ability to look into the camera from all kinds of angles.

If you add something as simple as a leg up behind you while leaning on a wall, it will add an exciting element to the photo. If you bend your limbs near to the 90 degrees angle, you will show off power.

Posing outdoors

The secret to creating a great pose outdoors is to complement the natural scenery, but still catching the attention of your audience. Natural light is a fantastic opportunity that you have to take advantage of. Sunlight looks terrific on the photos, and it seems like the best time to take a picture outside is the so-called golden hours. It is the time just before the down and just right after the dusk. Overcast days are also very welcome, as clouds can act like your natural filter. You want to avoid the noon at all costs, because of shadows created by the sun right above your head. Now onto the ways to work your outdoor poses.

When posing outside, make sure that the light catches your best facial features. Keep the contour lines visible. Add some definition to your muscles with your arm out. Try lying on the ground and facing up with your chin being extended to capture the light.

Walk that walk

Moving on to the perhaps most crucial tip on the list, the right walk. When it comes to beginner models, figuring out your walk is of most importance. You need to have at least two versions of your walk, fast pace and slow-motion walk. Those two will come in handy if your photographer asks you for more energy or to act natural. When you walk, you can either stare straight at the camera or look away. Another option is to look past the camera. Show your versatility with the way you walk.

The most common walking pose is to have one leg forward and mid-air. You can practise this one, but remember to have at least one other prepared, cause a classic might not be enough to stand out of the crowd. For your face, push your chin down and forward. This should give you a flattering look. Also, remember to figure out the placement of your arms. Put your hands in the pockets or run your hand through the air.

The drama

This pose is a dramatic one, suited for a high-fashion modelling. This calls for pushing your boundaries, and crossing many lines to be able to create a photo to remember. To add some drama to the photo, create a contrast between the outfit and the pose. So a sweet pose that goes with a bold set of clothes and vice versa. You can even try being aggressive with a dead-on gaze. Another element you can work on are the angles, twist your body like never before. Also, models are appreciated if they show vulnerability on the set. Go from one extreme side to another and change them as fast as possible. There is no such thing as too much drama.

Male modelling requires a lot of work ahead of photoshoots. If you want to stand out from the crowd or a fantastic portfolio to show your future employers, work hard on your poses. Prepare a set of different, flattering poses and use them to your advantage. Being prepared will make your photos look better, and you too in the eyes of your photographer. Always follow the latest trends in photography and do research on the photographers you work with. The fashion industry is one of the hardest ones to work in, make sure you meet its expectations as a male model. Most importantly, have a lot of poses in your arsenal and show versatility to get as many modelling jobs as possible.