6 Stylish Photography Poses For Male Models

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Fashion photography is a fascinating field, especially if you are collaborating with creative models. It brings out your creativity.

Although you have to be very cooperative if the model is new or camera-shy, making sure the model is comfortable, and the poses are not too much of a hassle.

Working with a male model and a female model will be different. Male photography could be masculine or casual with candid poses.

To give some ideas of poses, here are different photography poses for male models.

While some poses can be tricky, your camera experience could pull it off perfectly. The photographer must be skilled in the use of cameras and in the quality of the product to be delivered, be careful, for example, if you are going to enter .png, jpg. or .pdf, today there are many converters that will help you do it, try jpg to pdf by inpixio to get your photos without losing quality

Also, as a photographer, you want the pictures to look real and inspiring. And to make a successful photoshoot, below are some simple poses you can suggest to the male model.

Different Poses For Male Model Photography –

  1. Walking

There isn’t anything as real and stunning as a walking picture. It’s simple yet stylish.

Ask your model to casually walk towards the camera, look randomly to the side, or adjust the wristwatch.

The good thing is, walking pictures always look good no matter where you are clicking them. On the road, around the neighbourhood, in the mall, or even a railway station.

These pictures always turn out to be the best ones in your collection.

  1. Leaning

Leaning is another great style to achieve in photography. A man leaning over the railing or against the wall can give you a perfect picture.

Or you are maybe leaning against the car, wearing some vintage suit with a touch of trends.

You can either ask your model to look straight into the camera, make eye contact, or look anywhere else.

There are tons of ways to recreate a leaning pose, and various camera angles would create a great impact.

  1. Hands in Pocket

Everybody knows that the hands in the pocket pose are evergreen. It can never get old as it’s handsome and casual.

Usually, these poses look good with street photography, wearing trendy casual clothes.

If the model is camera shy, this pose will relax him a bit.

This style, again, gives tons of possibilities. Both hands in front pockets or back pockets. Or only one hand in the front pocket while adjusting hair with the other hand.

  1. Jacket over the shoulder

The best thing about this pose is that it works flawlessly on different clothes and models of different ages.

A teenage boy wearing a t-shirt and carrying a hoodie over the shoulder would look as good as a man wearing a suit with a jacket hanging over the shoulder.

To make it more interesting, you can ask the model to carry the jacket on the shoulder and walk towards the camera. It will create amazing walking photography.

  1. Hand on Chest

The hand on the chest gives that intense look, especially in close-up photos.

The model can either rest his hand on the chest or around the jawline. Holding the shoulder would also look good.

Another way to try a hand on the chest pose is by crossing the other hand over the stomach, under the chest.

By adjusting the camera distance and angle, you can achieve a fantastic picture of this pose.

  1. The Thinker

The thinker poses have become trendy these days. Even a camera-shy person can nail these poses with comfort.

Leaning against the knee by resting the face over the fist can give a perfect pose. Or raising an eyebrow with serious expressions.

The thinker pose can be achieved in various ways under different fashion photography genres.

Final Words

Usually, masculine pictures look better if you are highlighting the man’s jawline. It’ll look even better if the clothes can highlight the model’s arms muscles.

For candid, casual pictures, go with something like walking pictures or a jacket over the shoulder.

Select the style based on the photography genre and the comfort of the model. The pictures will definitely be jaw-droppingly stunning.