How to choose commercial kitchen wall shelving?

A large number of products and devices for their processing, dishes, substances for washing and other aids – all this is present in any professional kitchen, and also requires affordable and convenient storage. Standard cabinets are not always convenient for such purposes as over time the material loses its qualities and simply becomes worthless. Hence, stainless steel commercial kitchen wall shelving is the best solution. There is nothing extra, all the cook needs is next to the working surface, which limits the time and increases the productivity of the business. In order to fully understand how reliable stainless steel equipment is, check out the following points.


Advantages of steel wall shelves

Since the material that is used for commercial kitchen wall shelving is most often stainless steel, the finished product has additional advantages:

  • Durability – unlimited service life.
  • Resistance to aggressive influences – not subject to corrosion, detergents, chemicals.
  • Withstanding loads – stainless steel shelves for the kitchen can withstand more than 50 kg of weight.
  • Hygienic – metal does not absorb odor, easy to clean.

In addition, stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mount is quite compact: they can be used to optimally organize the usable space without reducing the size of the room. Such metal furniture can fully replace many cabinets, which are large in size. At the same time, wall shelves for the kitchen can be placed where it is impossible to install any other equipment, which is confirmed by user reviews.

Criteria of choosing stainless restaurant shelving

In order to choose commercial kitchen wall shelving, consider the characteristics of the room. It should be based on the available space and plan its use in advance. During the selection process the customer should look at the following:

  • Correct depth. Stainless steel shelves should be large enough. You can accurately calculate this indicator if you know the dimensions of the product that will be stored on its surface. The average is from 40 cm.
  • Form. The food grade steel wall shelves are manufactured in a standard rectangular shape. Many people prefer to choose models with collars to prevent falls, rack for drying dishes and other configurations.
  • Length. As a rule, hinged single-level shelves are of the same type, and their differences lie in length. It can vary from 80 cm to 2 m more. You can find out more about these products in the AmGoodSupply catalog. They can also be selected ready-made or taken to order.
  • Quantity. When it comes to the professional kitchen, stainless kitchen shelves are usually ordered in quantities of four and more.

Talking about overall premises, more often stainless restaurant shelving is combined with open shelving. Given the variety of choices and durability, commercial kitchen wall shelving is designed for use in different conditions:

  • on the territories of cafes, bars, restaurants;
  • in the kitchens of educational and medical institutions;
  • in factories for the manufacture of finished products – bakery products, semi-finished products, etc.

Where to buy a stainless steel shelf?

Stainless steel shelves, just like drying racks, are versatile products. They will perfectly fit into the surroundings of any catering establishment and kitchen, even into that one which has nothing to do with the manufacture of products of the mass food industry. If you choose stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mount for your kitchen or any other room with sufficiently strong fasteners, you may be sure that it can carry almost any weight.

You may find the diverse production list on the AmGoodSupply store. Professional kitchen equipment is the main activity of this company. This section of the catalog presents  commercial kitchen wall shelving of different capacities. High-quality designs will allow you to competently organize the production room, and thanks to its compactness – save free space. AmGoodSupply offers to buy stainless steel shelves with delivery across the US. If you need to fulfill an individual order, contact a specialist by available means.