How To Choose The Best Juice For An Epic Vaping Experience

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Vaping has become a trendy habit and lifestyle. What was once a popular alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, vaping has also become a favorite of non-smokers, thanks to its fun clouds and allure. 

Since it stormed onto the scene, it has seen many improvements, including more e juice flavors. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned vaper, you may be overwhelmed with the hundreds to thousands of vape juice available today. In this article, you’ll learn more about vape juice and how to choose the right one for your needs. 

What Is Vape Juice?

If the atomizer is the brain of an e-cig device and the battery is the heart, then the vape juice is pretty much its soul. Once it runs out of vape juice, a vape device is pretty much a useless piece of tech. 

Vape juice, also known as e-liquid or vape liquid, is the oil or fluid used in vaping devices such as e-cigarettes, disposables, and pods to create flavored vapors. It is the most important part of your vaping experience since it provides the flavors and fun cloud associated with vaping. 

In general, vape juice is made of three main ingredients:

  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Flavorings

Most e-liquids may also contain nicotine. However, you’ll find plenty of options without any nicotine. 

Guide On Choosing The Best Vape Juice

Understand PG–VG Ratio

When choosing a vape juice, you’ll often see a number ratio, which indicates the amount of PG and VG in the juice. 

In general, PG is responsible for providing a good throat hit. A throat hit is a critical factor, especially for smokers since it imitates the feeling of cigarette smoking. In addition, it helps in enhancing the feeling of vaping while giving a bold and intense flavor profile. 

VG, on the other hand, has more to do with the vapor cloud. Higher VG means bigger clouds generated when using the e-liquid, giving you a fun experience and allowing you to do awesome vape tricks.

Depending on your needs, you may prioritize a higher concentration of one over the other. If you’re a smoker who wants a smoke-like experience, you should look for a higher PG percentage. However, if vaping is more of a habit and you’re more interested in creating big, flavor-filled clouds, vape juices with higher VG concentrations are your best choice. That said, you can also find vape juices with a 5050 ratio for a balanced experience. 

Consider Nicotine Levels

Nicotine levels are one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a vape juice, especially if you’re using vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. 

In general, nicotine levels come in different strengths. And the right nicotine strength for you will depend on how much you smoke. Here’s a simple guide on the appropriate nicotine levels:

  • Low (6 mg or less)

Low nicotine levels are suitable for light smokers who finish half a pack or less every day. 

  • Medium (9 mg–16 mg)

This is for the average smoker who can consume half a pack or a single pack every day. 

  • High (18 mg–36 mg)

High nicotine levels are suitable for heavy smokers who can finish more than one pack of cigarettes every day. Getting the right nicotine strength is critical since choosing lower levels won’t satisfy your craving and may cause you to go back to smoking. 

Pick The Right Flavor

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The next thing you need to consider is choosing the right flavor. Even if you got the nicotine strength and PG–VG ratio right, you’re less likely to use the vape juice if you don’t like the flavor. 

Fortunately, vape juices come in almost any flavor you can think of. From sweet flavors that resemble choco or vanilla and the citrusy taste of orange or pomelo, to tobacco blends and even strange flavors such as cocktails or roasted chicken, you’ll have a variety of flavors to choose from. 

For smokers, you can opt for tobacco blends that mimic the taste of popular tobacco cigarettes. If you’re buying a different flavor for the first time, you can try out common flavors such as chocolates or fruits, reducing the risk of a nasty experience with a weird flavor. If you’re ready to be more adventurous, then you can opt for more bizarre vape juice flavors or try food flavors such as pizza or cake. 

With all the infinite flavors available, make sure to buy juices in small quantities, preventing wastage in case you end up not liking the flavor. 


As you can see, choosing the best vape juice doesn’t have to be hard. By following the above tips, you can easily pick the right e-liquid for your next vaping session. Don’t worry if you get it wrong at first or the first choice doesn’t meet your expectations. Choosing a vape juice pretty much requires experimentation so you can find the best one that fits your taste buds and cravings.