How To Date A Vegetarian (When You’re Not)


#4. Compromise in the kitchen

The issue of carnivore-vegetarian dating gets more complicated if things progress to the point of cohabitation. There are some veggies who absolutely, positively and in no uncertain terms refuse to even entertain the thought of meat being in their fridge. Others are more tolerant.

If you get to this point, chances are that, as with anything else in a relationship, you will need to arrive at some kind of compromise. Maybe designate sections of the fridge and cabinets for each other’s food. And use only certain cookware to cook meat.

If she’s militant about not having meat at all in the home, then you might have to consider only eating it outside your home. If that’s not the kind of compromise you’re willing to entertain, you need to find some middle ground or reassess the entire relationship—if she’s not willing to be flexible why should you be?