Easy Ways To Organize Your Fridge

Tips For Keeping Your Refrigerator Organized

Women notice the details. That’s why it’s important to wear matching socks and clean undies, and to clean your toilet before she comes over. Another area you should pay attention to — your fridge.

If she’s grabbing a beer or wine and notices raw chicken juices pooled near the moldy tomatoes, she’s going to star to wonder about how well maintained your sheets and pillowcases are. Use these tips to keep your fridge clean and organized …
The back corners are typically the coldest areas of the fridge, so put dairy in the penthouse corner. Raw meats and poultry can go on the bottom shelf. Leaving meat up top can increase the odds that the nasty juices or blood drips on other items. The middle shelf should be where you put your most-used items — cookie dough, fermented pickles, and breast milk.

Label leftovers in tinfoil or Tupperware so mystery foods don’t pile up. Remember to add the date the food was stored. Otherwise, you’re more likely to leave it in there to spoil. Then you’re left with a colony of tinfoil shapes, which we’re pretty sure women believe are either illegal drugs or body parts.

interdesign bins organize fridge#3. GET SOME SMALL BASKETS OR BINS
Baskets and bins — like the Interdesign 4-Piece Fridge and Freezer Storage Bins ($40 @ Amazon.com), pictured left — can organize condiments, meats (if you don’t have a shallow drawer), canned goods, or canned beverages (read: beer).

Produce is bulky. So toss it in the drawers to reduce clutter on the shelves and to up your chances of avoiding cross-contamination that might happen if it brushes against raw meat or poultry.

turntable fridge organize#5. BUY A LAZY SUSAN
A turntable or lazy Susan should prevent you from ignoring things that can get covered up by being pushed to the back. Consider: Handy Gourmet Extendable Turntable ($12 @ Amazon.com).

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