How To Feel Drunk Instantly (For An Instant)

Get Drunk Spray

Scientists have put less important things like cancer research on hold to come up with a product that allows you to feel drunk without having to experience any of the fun of getting drunk. The good news: fewer hangovers. The bad news: the intoxicated feeling only lasts a few seconds.

A squirt of the new mouth spray WA|AH Quantum Sensations contains .0075ml of alcohol, and causes the brain to feel boozed up before wearing off completely moments later. You’ll even allegedly have no problems passing a breathalyzer after use (that’s because it’d take 1,000 sprays to equal the alcohol content of one drink).

The invention is amazing news for designated drivers who are forced to hang around annoying drunk people at a cocktail or key party. As for the rest of us? We’d try a spray or two if someone else had it, but we’d probably never buy it. The $26 Chapstick-sized mouth spray is currently available in Europe; no word yet when or if it’ll be available in America.