How Your Condom Can Improve Sex

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We’re sure we don’t have to tell you that when you don’t like condoms, you probably don’t use them as consistently as you should. No, not at all.

We’re here to tell you how to find the very best condom for you and your partner.

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Nowadays, condoms come in a mind-boggling variety. That may sound daunting, but finding that perfect one for you is worth it since it truly enhances your sex game. This is a new concept to most folks, who may have only tried the generic “one-size-fits-all” condoms offered in standard retail.

You might not know about some of the more recent advances in condom technology. These days, if you aren’t making the connection between condoms and pleasure, you are likely simply wearing the wrong one. Out-dated and erroneous beliefs such as “condoms are one-size-fits-all” and “all condoms are created equal” have gone unchallenged for far too long. It’s time to bust those widespread condom myths once and for all. Few people are taught that condom quality and condom fit are as essential to condoms as they are to any other intimate apparel.

So it comes as no surprise that many couples through repeated, uncomfortable experiences have come to view condoms as, at best, a necessary evil. This, in turn, leads many to select simply the cheapest condoms available. Why not just pick up a free handful at the local club or bar or buy those on clearance — they’re all the same, right? Wrong. So very wrong!

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