How To Pair Wine With Bar Food

how to pair wine with food wings

Fried chicken without ketchup means your wine is the sauce that complements the lard, er, meal. Since the chicken is crispy, grab a crisp wine like a chardonnay or Prosecco. (Prosecco is high in carbonation and cuts through the greasiness of a fried tender.) With ketchup, choose a red that will complement the tomatoes, Jean-Chronberg said. Try a Sangiovese.

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When the chicken is grilled, things change up. In this case, go with Pinot Noir — high in acidity, light in tannin (that dry sensation you’ll get in your mouth when drinking some red wines), and has a pleasant aroma. “Pinot Noir made love with chicken a thousand years ago, and they haven’t stopped being in love,” he said. In other words, wines are sexually active. Who knew?