The Proper Way To Pick Your Nose

The Proper Way To Pick Your Nose LeBron

Certain tools work better for certain things. That why you don’t use a flathead screwdriver for everything. According to 1995 research published in the Journal of Psychiatry — and yes, it’s real — 65 percent of those surveyed used their index fingers to pick their noses;  20.2 percent use their pinky; and 16.4 percent use their thumb.

The index finger is the most agile, so we understand why it’s a go-to for pickers. It’s great for recon missions and reporting live from the scene. However, depending on the angle of the finger or the shape and texture of the boogie, the gripping power is sometimes missing. That’s when you recruit the thumb — not the pinky!

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The thumb also comes in handy when there’s a clinger on the inside rim of the nose, or that’s wedged in the corner of the dome (tip) or nostril sill.  Those with trimmed nails and  slender thumbs will also attest the the thumb’s nimbleness when sent deep into the booger den.

Contrary to the study, for most of us the pinky is the last resort. Maybe you have orange Cheetos dust caked on your thumb and index fingers, or you’ve had no luck fishing one out with the other fingers and you’re desperate. This is the pinky’s time to shine.

However, it should be noted that attempting to recruit the middle or ring fingers for this activity is a risky decision. The girth of the middle finger and uncoordinated clod that is the ring finger will only cause you agony in your journey to relocate dried mucus.