A iPhone Case For Gym Rats

SlimClip Case review

If you use your iPhone as your MP3 player when you workout in the gym you know how annoying it can be to find a way to holster it properly and comfortably. Shoving it in your waistband gets the screen sweaty and disgusting, and those armbands are cumbersome and limit range of motion.

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So the SlimClip Case ($40-$50) for iPhone makes sense because the phone case — via a small and flexible piece of plastic — is the waistband clip. It’s great for activities where you need your hands, such as working out, cleaning the bathtub or toilet, and cooking meth. When the phone is inside the case you still have access to your screen as well as the top and side buttons. Another bonus: the SlimClip isn’t bulky.

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That said, remember that small and flexible piece of plastic we mentioned earlier? We feared it wouldn’t be very durable. And we were right. We used the clip numerous times in two weeks and only took it out of the case on two occasions. Once to clean it and another to put on a new screen protector. Sadly, one side of the case split when we slipped the phone back into the case. It’s now a SlimSplit Case. Bummer. The good news: The company offers a free replacement program. Just gotta email them: Replace.SlimClipCase.com.