How To Prevent Hair Loss Without Rogaine

If you’re starting to thin out up top, knock it off with the gel, paste, and wax. And then visit a doctor that can accurately diagnose any hair or scalp issues that might be brewing. “Most hair product contains chemicals that block pores in your scalp and add stress to hair strands, causing them to break,” explains Erika Chloe, a fashion and grooming consultant for My Image Expert.



Screen shot 2011 08 17 at 12.40.26 PMPRACTICE MAGIC
We don’t mean you should stalk David Blaine and ask him to go all abracadabra on your scalp. Using Yoshi’s Magic Water ($14) and Conc Magic Treatment ($20) can restore and repair dry, damaged hair.

Before conditioning, rub in some Conc Magic Treatment, which adds nutrients and alkaline amino acids to seal cuticles and repair hair. After your hair is washed, spray on some Magic Water. The formula utilizes sage leaf and rosemary extracts to hydrate hair, remove odor, and clean hair follicles while neutralizing pH levels.

We know what you’re thinking: How do just two products do so much to prevent hair loss? Easy. Magic, duh. Okay, it’s not. The duo helps keeps your scalp and hair healthy. And healthy hair won’t abandon you as quickly.