Stuff We Want: NES Game Flasks


The NES will always hold a dear place in our hearts. And that’s most likely because we spent the bulk of our childhood parked in front of our television sets mesmerized by the NES and all of its 8-bit glory.

So it’s because of that nostalgic fondness and our appreciation for booze and cool things to drink booze out of that we salute Ink Whiskey Company‘s Concealment Entertainment Flasks ($20). They’re in the shape of old NES games and make great, inexpensive gifts or keepsakes. Before you order one — we went with Drunk Hunt, by the way — here are a few things you should know:

• The company says the plastic is BPA-safe, but like any other plasticy thing, whatever liquid you put inside of the flask will taste plasticky if you leave booze in it too long. In other words, drink that shit quickly, you lush.

• The label should be able to handle a few washes before fading.

• The flask fits snugly into your back pocket.

• They’re great for pouring, terrible for drinking out of since there’s no spout. (We tried, got whiskey on our shirt, and had to explain to the CEO we were doing product reviews.)

Your flask options include:
Drunk Hunt, Castle Vodka, Bar-Hop Bros. Metal Beer, and Legend of Drink

Now that you’ve ordered, watch all of the endings to your favorite NES games before your flask arrives and you get shitfaced …