How To Stop Aging (Without Awful Surgery)

how to stop aging

No one worries about aging more than celebrities. After all, with the possible exception of Betty White, the older a celebrity gets, the less popular he or she is.

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That’s why so many try to battle the effects of aging with Botox, cosmetic surgery, and baths in the blood of 100 virgins. (Okay, it’s only a rumor.) As a normal guy, you don’t need to worry as much about looking older — and besides, some laugh lines and a little grey hair tend to make women find men more attractive. But if you take a little care of yourself now, it’ll pay dividends down the road when you really do start to worry about looking old.

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We asked some experts to explain how some male celebs who a) seemingly never age and b) are beloved by women manage to look the same for decades. Turns out, it’s not all that hard.