The Best Natural Hand Soap For Men

the proper way to wash your hands

How many times have you been in a public restroom and seen some dude turn the water on, splash a little on his penis-germ-covered hand, and then touch the doorknob as he exits? Well, turns out he washes his hands about as well as 95 percent of us. According to 2013 research from Michigan State University, only five percent of people wash their hands properly. (Mental note: shake hands less, fist bump more.)

So what’s the proper way to wash your hands?

1. Get your hands wet (in a similar fashion to the aforementioned “penis hands” from the public restroom).
2. Run warm or cold water and apply soap.
3. Rub your hands together as if you’re an evil scientists that’s plotting to take over the world.
4. Do this for 20 seconds.
5. Go about your day for five or so seconds before you touch something and get your hands all germy again.

So, why natural hand soaps? Preference. We’re not expecting anyone to become some naturalist that shuns anything that contains additives or chemicals, but when you can eliminate them without really trying, why not go for it? Your skin will thank you, and we’re guessing — read: women — will appreciate the effort.


#1. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap ($10 @

An old favorite of hippies — and if it can clean their filthy mitts it’ll certainly clean yours — Mrs. Myer’s soaps contain no cancer-causing parabens. Using only plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, your hands will smell better and feel softer after use.

If you’re no fan of lemon, there are about a 10 or so scents to choose from, including lavender (our favorite), basil, sunflower, apple, and geranium.

clearly natural

#2. Clearly Natural Liquid Glycerine Soap ($7 @

Unscented and void of animal byproducts, parabens, preservatives, colors, or dyes, it’s a simple soap solution that washes off quickly and moisturize your skin.

So how does Clearly Natural natural hand soap clean your mitts? Veggie glycerin. How does it work? Do you really care? Just know that it does.

home logic

#4. Natural HomeLogic Hand Soap ($16 @

No chemicals, dyes, or fragrances, parabens, or irritating sulfates. It’s 100 percent natural and comes in a container that can withstand up to four refills.

The fragrance it leaves on your hands isn’t heavy or overwhelming, but is instead a pleasant citrus scent.

man soap

#5. Manly Man Soap ($10 @

Manly Man Soap has a stupid name — unless the name is a joke that we’re just not getting, which is totally possible — but the soap is legit; it’s handmade soap is made with 100 percent natural essential oils and is packed in a reusable travel tin.

organic olive

#6. Greenscape Organic Olive Natural Soap ($20 @

Greenscape Organic natural hand soap harnesses the power of natural botanicals to cleanse and protect skin. Extracts from organic and ethically sourced olives, aloe vera, and rosemary naturally sweep away dirt without the use of chemicals. Who knew olives were good for anything other than swimming in martinis?

(FYI: antioxidants provide natural protection from sun exposure and environmental elements.)


#7. EO Hand Soap  ($12 @

EO Hand Soap is formulated out of herbs and essential oils that have natural antiseptic properties and produces a rich lather. This foaming action is achieved without the use of drying, irritating sulfates. To keep your paws soft, the formula was engineered to prevent the skin from losing its essential oils.

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