Happy 31th Birthday, Tetris!

Tetris debuted in 1984 in Mosco, Russia. And we feel no less patriotic saying it’s one of our favorite games. Still, 30 years later and it’s still an incredibly popular video game. And for people who play Tetris more often than they get laid, there’s a thing called a “line sprint.” (Thanks to Mental Floss for alerting us to that.) That’s where the player clears a certain number of lines as quickly as possible for … uh, bragging rights?

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Anyway, the player controlling the shapes in this video — only known as “Keroco” — clears 40 lines in under 20 seconds. And that’s, like, super impressive. But is it some sort of record? Mental Floss said it was, and we believe them. Mainly because we’re too lazy to dig up Tetris records to verify it.

The video is said to have been shot in real time, despite it looking sped up like a chase scene from Benny Hill. Anyway, check it out; it’ll only take up 37 seconds of your day.