How to treat a man that stands you up?

We’ve all been there. You plan a date night with your significant other, you get dressed up, you take the time to make yourself look nice, and then … he stands you up. It’s a crushing feeling that can leave you feeling disrespected and angry. But how should you respond to this situation? Let’s break it down.

Take Time To Process Your Feelings

When someone stands you up, it can be difficult not to take it personally. After all, when someone doesn’t show up for a date or call in advance to cancel, it feels as though they are devaluing your time and energy.

Understandably, this rejection can lead to feelings of hurt and anger that need to be processed in order for you to move on. So don’t rush the process; take some time alone to process your emotions before jumping into any kind of discussion with your partner about what happened.

Address the Issue With Your Partner

Once you have had some time to process how you feel about the situation, talk about it with your partner in an open and honest way. Ask them why they stood you up without making any assumptions or accusations—it could be something as simple as an unexpected work emergency or something more serious like a lack of respect for your relationship. Whatever the case may be, talking things out will help both parties understand where each other is coming from and whether or not the relationship is worth pursuing further.

Measure His Response & Decide What To Do Next

Once the conversation has reached its natural conclusion, measure his response carefully before deciding whether or not this is still a relationship worth investing your time in. If he sincerely apologizes and promises that he won’t stand you up again in the future then chances are he’s worth giving another chance – if he doesn’t acknowledge his mistake or behaves defensively then that’s probably a sign that it would be best for both parties involved if you moved on from here.


At the end of the day, being stood up by someone we care about can hurt deeply – but learning how to address this type of situation with maturity and understanding will help us navigate our relationships more positively going forward.

Whether or not we decide to stay in our current relationship after being stood up depends on how our partner responds after we bring our feelings into the light; ultimately it’s up to us whether we give them another chance or not. But by openly communicating our needs and expectations clearly while listening attentively to our partner’s response we can ensure that either outcome leads us closer towards finding happiness within ourselves and within our relationships moving forward.