The Fine Print of Online Casino Bonuses

Getting a bonus upon signing up or continuing playing with an online casino is highly appreciated by players. Considering how many online casinos are available on the internet, casinos need something to have a competitive edge over others. Offering casino bonuses is one way to achieve this advantage. Some of these bonuses include the following:

  • Deposit matching bonuses:   

This bonus is given almost immediately after signing up and receiving a welcome bonus. The casino matches the first deposit made by the player by exactly 100%. However, this bonus is not free money. Online casinos like 1xbet always attach wagering conditions to the bonus. It is customary to match the first deposit. However, some online casinos match second, third, and fourth deposits.

  • No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are not very popular among casinos. This is because players are awarded the bonus before depositing money in their player wallet or account. Free spins, cash bonus, and so on are examples of casino bonuses. More often than not, players can only win a specific sum off the bonus. This bonus accords players the opportunity to play games without using their cash balance.

  • Free Spins

A Free spin is a casino bonus that is given to players who play slot games. With this bonus players are given a limited number of free spins for specific slot games on the website. Like most bonuses, there is a restriction on the number of winnings from free spins.

  • Matched Deposits and Free Spins

This bonus is a hybrid of two regular bonuses. This merges the benefits of a free spin and a 100% matching of players’ first deposit. This allows a player to get the best of two bonuses.

Other bonuses include loyalty bonuses, cash multiplier, cashback bonuses, etc.

More often than not, players view bonuses as free money and do not use them efficiently. One way of ensuring that bonuses do not become wasted money but turned into winnings is by using it properly. The first thing to do when given an online casino bonus is to read the fine print of the bonus. Although it is a boring read, it will help you to know exactly how to fulfill the requirements of the bonus and activate it. The following are tips that could help you increase your chances of winnings.

Spend Bonus Codes Wisely

Online casino bonuses mostly come in bonus codes. Getting the most suitable codes is important, but players must remember that relying solely on the codes does not guarantee increased winnings. Players should apply strategies and logic to each bonus to maximise its capacity. Players should meet the requirements for promising codes and use them efficiently before they expire.

Only Play Games You Are Good at

Ensure to use the bonuses on games that can pay you back by playing games that fit your skills and preferences. Players should not get excited about all bonuses but ones that can be used to earn more promotional bonuses. So instead of being carried away by attractive odds, a bonus will give; players should weigh them on a suitability scale and pick the one with an appropriate bonus.

Research reviews of the site to avoid getting scammed.

Players must research all sites before signing upon them, particularly those offering incredibly high bonuses. Some fraudulent websites advertise high bonus rates to lure players into releasing sensitive information. This black-hat marketing misleads potential players into getting scammed. Players should do a thorough check and verification before accepting any bonuses on a site.

Don’t Gamble on Unfamiliar Games

Bonuses are gifts players do not earn and as such easily misspend them. A prudent player trying to maximise his winnings on a bonus should only bet on games he is reasonably familiar with. They should at the very least try and get acquainted with the game attached to the bonus first before placing a bet with the bonus earning.

Set a Budget

It is not a smart move for a player to use up all his bonuses. In addition to playing games, one has personal experience in, players should also avoid risky financial choices. Players should set a budget and stick to it strictly to avoid betting more than they can afford to lose.

Be Patient

Aside from familiarising themselves with the game, players should exercise patience during the game. Gambling is a process, an impatient player would misuse the bonus by giving up quickly, but a patient player can even double or triple it.


Casino bonuses are a very attractive feature incorporated by most online casinos to attract and keep their players. These bonuses, which take varying modes, can also be used to earn or increase a player’s winnings effectively. Players should incorporate some of the tips above when figuring out how to use the bonus to maximise their winnings.