The Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Casino Bonuses


There’s an abundance of online casinos and slot machine games to choose from. Every one flashes up numerous offers, brand new games, and promises free money.

So which one do you actually get the best deal from?

Everyone who gambles wants to make their money go further. With our guide below, we’ll go through what to look for when finding the best online casino bonuses. 

What Is a Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is an offer made to a customer, often on sign up, that provides them with free credit to gamble. It can also offer incentives such as prizes, raffles for holidays, or new cars. 

Is a Bigger Bonus Better?

Casino bonuses are not always better just because they are large. They often have terms and conditions applied.

For example, some large bonuses advertised on many sites will require you to make three or four deposits to get the amount of credit they have stated. 

What to Look Out For

When signing up, there are a number of statistics you should look out for. The first of these is the match rate. It is a percentage at which our deposit is matched, meaning the higher the match rate the better the deal. 

The match rate will be followed by a bonus size. This number is simply the maximum amount you can gain from an offer. Unless you plan on depositing a lot of money, this should not really impact you too much. 

Bonus Codes

Many online casinos will offer a bonus code. This works exactly as you would use an online discount or coupon. You will just need to type them in once you have logged on or send them to customer service.

Bonuses can vary differently between casinos, so be sure to check out the terms and conditions. Some of the best casino bonuses from SlotsWise can be found here. 

Casino Bonuses VIP Schemes

VIP schemes are for people who plan to play regularly and deposit money on a regular basis.

They offer incentives and prizes to keep you loyal to that casino and incentivize you to not play elsewhere. They can be quite lucrative if you find the correct one. 

Withdrawing Funds

Very often you will see a term and condition named wagering requirement. This is the amount of money you have to reach before you can withdraw your funds. They can also be named playthrough requirements. 

Only some casinos will let you cash out your bonus money. While they will all let you take out winnings, bonus money may show in your account as funds donated by them from sign up offers and bonus schemes. 

Terms to Look Out For

Some casinos will not allow certain winnings to count towards your wagering requirements. Check this in-depth, as it may be that the game you plan to play may not let you cash out. 

Some bonuses have a time period in which you have to use them. You may also see free slot machine spins advertised. Usually, you have to use all the spins in one go or use them up before you can cash out. 

Finding an Online Casino

Now you know what to look for in online casino bonuses, it’s time to shop around. There are a number of comparison sites that can help you work out the best deal for you, quickly. 

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