What To Do When She Doesn’t Orgasm

You’re getting off more than her. That’s if you believe a recent New York Times article that highlighted a study claiming that women don’t experience as much pleasure as men do in casual hookup-type situations. How can the researchers tell? Because of a serious orgasm gap; while men orgasmed nearly 80 percent of the time in a casual hookup, females only orgasmed 40 percent of the time.

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On the surface, those numbers look bad because it makes it seem as if you guys aren’t doing enough. But I’ve got some major issues with the study because an orgasm isn’t indicative of pleasure. Sometimes, we really, really like sex even if the ending is anti-climactic. That said, you attempting to see her O face isn’t a bad idea. But how about when that’s not going to happen?

I spoke with some female friends to suss out some of the things men should know about our lack of orgasm. Use these tips as a way to help her get there … whether it’s in a hookup or an long-term relationship.

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#1. Let Her Know You Want Her to Orgasm …

One way we determine whether or not you like us— and whether or not we want to hook up with you again — is by how much importance you place on our pleasure. So let us know that you’re excited to see it happen, and be enthusiastic in doing whatever it takes to get us there. If we’re quiet, offer suggestions. Just don’t go overboard on the dirty talk.