Stuff We Want: Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

skullcandy crusher headphones

If you like to boost the bass — we’re talking until all 206 bones rattle with each beat — the Skullcandy Crusher on-hear headphones ($100 @ were built with you in mind. Their patent-pending adjustable Sensation55 Driver enables you to set the bass to 11 (figuratively) by adding two AA batteries to activate the built-in amp.

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To preserve battery life, after 10 seconds of you music stopping or the cable becoming unplugged the amp will automatically shutdown. With the bass extension off, the REX40 Driver and acoustical portal pumps out smooth sound with minimal distortion.

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The box includes the headphones, two AA batteries, a cable, and an owner’s manual. When we drop a c-note on headphones, we like a hard case to accompany it as protection from accidental spills and other clumsy thing we do and hate ourselves for later. What’s up with the no case business, Skullcandy?

That said, if you’re more careful with your gadgets than we are, the Crushers are certainly a good option if you’re in the market for comfy on-ear headphones in the $100 range.

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