Ideas for Game Night with Friends

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Game night with friends is always awesome whether you are staying at your friends’ home or they are staying at yours. Playing some games with your buddies at home add more fun and make the night remarkable because you can’t always have conversations about kick-ass fights from Game of Thrones or re-watch Friends on Netflix.

So playing some fun games is dopamine booster if the whole group is participating in them. You can play some board games that aren’t lame, (a huge trend nowadays) and everyone can enjoy then you can choose any of the given game ideas we have mentioned below:

Sticker Stalker 

You can buy stickers for the stationery shop or borrow from your little sister. Give your friends the same sheet of stickers and introduce them with the rules.

The rules are simple each guest has to rid of the stickers from their sheet by sticking them to other friends but one at a time.

Remember, the other friends shouldn’t notice when you stick the sticker and if they see you then you have to stick one of the stickers from their sheet. One, who gets rid of all the stickers, wins the game.

Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades is the most cliché game ever but the popular one. You can make two teams from your squads. A person of one team should come before his team and another team will whisper a movie name.

And that person has to describe that movie name without speaking, only by actions. If his team succeeds to guess the movie and they win a point. So you can set the target for 10 or 20 points. Whichever team achieves the target first, wins.

Casino Party

If you want to make your night more memorable and have more fun then, you can host a casino party at your home. No, you don’t need to bring roulette or slot machines at your home. You just have to buy a deck of cards, some drinks, snacks, dim lights, and you are set.

Poker night can create more understanding and enhance the brotherhood. Plus point is that you can earn some money as well. If you want to make the game more exciting and don’t wish to include then you can get some chips from the market.

Telephone Pictionary 

Gather your friends in a circle and take a notepad and a pen. Everyone in a group needs to write something and turn the page and pass the notepad to the next person. No one can read directly from page one.

They have to guess the word by the imprints on page two and draw it on page three. Once all done, you can take one after one notepad and have laughed at the wrong guessing and drawings of your friends.

Mail Call 

Get some chairs in a circle but one less than the number of players. For example, if there are a total of seven friends then the number of chairs should be six. All persons have to sit on the chairs and one has to stand in the middle of the circle.

The one person in the middle will shout “Mail call” for all the persons in a yellow or whatever thing you have picked have to switch the chairs. So the person in the middle has to get the chair before when they are switching. One who is left standing has to give the next mail call.


You need to make two or more teams. Every team has to stand in a row and the first person will be given an orange. The first person has to pass the orange to the next in the row.

It sounds simple? But here’s the drill, the person can only use neck and chin to pass the orange and if orange falls while passing then orange will be passed to the first person and the game will be rebooted.