The Internet’s Most Irritating Controversy Ends

Cancel the We the People petition. We have a verdict in the decades-long GIF controversy.

Oh, you weren’t aware there was a controversy? Then you must leave your basement on occasion. Here’s the summary: A GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is, of course, a compressed image file that can be animated. But how do you pronounce GIF — with a soft G or a hard G? If your first thought is, “Who the hell cares?” then good for you. But millions of nerds do, in fact care, and the argument can really get their undies in a bunch.

Recently, Steve Wilhit, the creator of the GIF format, issued an edict, proclaiming the correct way to say it is … wait for it … with a soft G. In true nerd fashion, Wilhit made the reveal via GIF (Oops, sorry. We said that with a hard G.) as you can see in the video above.

Predictably, soft-G geeks aren’t taking the news very well, and have vowed to fight for the right of the hard G. But no matter which side of the GIF kerfuffle you’re on, you can no doubt agree that while GIFs can divide, they can also unite, thanks to the fact that they are funny sometimes and accurately convey common emotions.

For example … 

When one of your buddies mentions your ex-girlfriend’s name in front of your current girlfriend:


When you kill a man during an underground fighting championship:



When you’re a friendless geek and you learn that “GIF” is officially not pronounced the way you pronounce it.

Mortal Kombat GIF

When you’re a friendless geek and you learn that “GIF” is officially pronounced the way you pronounce it.

Carlton GIF


When a new Apple product debuts:

funny gifs want


When she gets to pick the movie:

Dawson GIF 3

Figure it out:

Warrior hogan2