This Is a Very Good Campaign Commercial

So far this year, the consensus choice for “most insane person running for mayor of an American city” has of course been Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner. But while Weiner is (well, was — he came in dead last in New York City’s Democratic primary) an egomaniacal jackass of Shakespearean / Jackie Collinsian proportions, Minneapolis’s own Jeff Wagner is insane in a good way. A fun way. A way that makes him film a campaign commercial in which he emerges from a lake in nut-huggers, addresses the camera the way you’d expect a mental patient to address a camera, receives a cup of coffee from an attractive woman, and heads back into the lake.

Along the way, Wagner lets us know that once he becomes mayor and starts earning the sweet $100,000-a-year salary that goes along with the title, he “will not take money from the developers [or] from the political angle” and that he “will not even go to the strip clubs anymore.”

“Wake the fuck up!” he concludes.

And if you don’t think Jeff Wagner has a shot at being mayor of Minneapolis, you should also watch this campaign commercial: