The Best John Allan’s Grooming Products For Men

Are you looking to upgrade your grooming routine? John Allan’s has just what you need with their luxury line of men’s grooming essentials. John Allan’s was founded on the principle that a man should feel confident and look his best, no matter what his day may bring. From shampoos and conditioners to shaving creams and colognes, they have everything you’ll need to take care of yourself while still allowing time for fun. Read our comprehensive guide below to find out which products are right for you!

john allan sport conditioning shampoo#1. For sweaty sportos and active types: Sport Conditioning Shampoo ($12 @

Oily hair? This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner will not only get your filthy hair and scalp clean, its inclusion of wheat protein helps prevent split ends. If you’re active or simply have a sweating issue — we’re not judging, but you know if you do — buy John Allan’s Sport Conditioning Shampoo now. Like, right now. Like, what the hell are you waiting for, stink hair?

mint#2. For guys who want to smell minty fresh: John Allan’s Mint Shampoo ($13 @

Using jojoba seeds and soy protein, this minty fresh shampoo stimulates the scalp and leaves you smelling fresh and clean. What’s more, it’s suitable for all hair types. So whether you’re balding or have fine or thin hair, it’s a good option.

Also available is John Allan’s Ocean ($14 @ which is a “fresh” smelling option. (And if you really want to up the ante, go with the gallon of Ocean for $70)

However, if you’re balding …

thick#3. For Balding Guys: John Allan’s Thick Shampoo ($15 @

It’s engineered to make your hair look bulkier (read: it’ll do its best to make your hair look thicker than it actually is), as well as usher moisture and remove oil through nutrients like nettle, sea kelp, sage, and aloe vera to displace oils. In other words, it’s built to unclog clogged pores and help make your hair look full.