What’s The Difference: Zipbuds Pro-mic vs Zipbuds Slide

What's The Difference: Zipbuds Pro-mic vs Zipbuds Slide

When we muster enough motivation to get our lazy asses off of the couch to go to the gym or for a run, the last thing we want to deal with is untangling our headphones. Hence why we’re such fans of Zipbuds tangle-free headphones. We had the older zipper model, as well as the newer model. So, what’s the difference between the Zipbuds Pro-mic (older) and the Zipbuds Slide (newer)? For starters …

1. Price
Pro-mic ($40) and Slide ($50) at zipbuds.com. If you’re broke and need headphones, your choice seems to be made for you. Also, as guy as intelligent as you shouldn’t be broke.

2. Driver
Pro uses ZBX high-performance drivers; Slide uses ZBXi ultimate drivers. Unless you’re a member of the Geek Squad or work at Gizmodo, you probably won’t be able to notice a difference. We couldn’t.

3. Cabling
Pro uses a zipper, and Slide uses a zero-friction slider to seal cables together. Both models are tangle-proof. However, the zipper is heavier and tends to pull the earbuds from your ears when you’re jogging and you slip the wire under your shirt. Even using the largest ear tips didn’t prevent the problem from happening. As for the actual weight, we couldn’t find specs, and we’re not going to put them on the scale we use to weigh out food portions. We’re kidding. We don’t weight food — we weight out marijuana.

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4. Earbud
Pro hasFit2Comfort design for the angled earbud while Slide has Fit4Comfort. We prefer the Pro’s earbud design. The angle at which the Slide goes into your ear can sometimes make it challenge to find a snug fit, making the tunes sound distant and not as crisp. Also, the Pro’s have “noise-canceling” but Slide earbuds do not.That said, both have rubberized (anti-slip) coating on the earbuds.

5. Cord Fiber
Both feature military-grade cables, but Slide, in addition, uses upgraded oxygen-free copper wiring in the cables that can last longer without tainting the sound.

6. Plug
Pro has a case-friendly aluminum 3.5mm Plug. The Slide also has a 3.5mm plug. But let’s be honest — who really cares about the goddamn headphones jack?

7. Functionalities
There is no difference in the functionalities of the mic and remote. Both of the models enable you to answer calls, disconnect, play, pause, and skip, and access Siri or Cortana  through the remote button. The Pro has a noise-isolation mic; the Slide has a noise-filtering mic. What’s the difference? The only people who might be able to tell are the NSA.