Kevin McCallister Update: He’s Doing Juuuuuuuust Fine

kevin mcallister update

Macaulay Culkin as Kevin Mcallister — paired with solid script from screenwriter John Hughes, the vision of Chris Columbus, and efforts from Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern — helped propel 1990’s Home Alone to a huge box office success. If you’ll recall, Kevin’s parents mistakenly leave him behind prior to an overseas trip. Kevin, believing he made his family disappear because he possesses magical powers, has to grow up quickly, as two bumbling robbers attempt to ransack his home.

Instead of do what most of us would do — puss out — Kevin fends off the bad guys (Pesci and Stern), torturing and scarring them with homemade booby traps.

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Sounds fun, right? Well, he got to do the same thing in the follow-up film. Turns out, the neglect and anxiety he suffered took its toll on him. And 16 years later, Culkin as Mcallister gives us an update. No need to worry, folks, because Kevin is just fine a mental case. A damaged, neurotic mess that’s in desperate need of a shower, shave,  haircut, and some new threads. See for yourself …

UPDATE: Marve (Stern) caught wind that Kevin has turned into a murderning twigman with Kurt Cobain’s haircut, and he’s scared shitless: