We Cooked With A Pyramid Pan And Lived To Tell About It

We cook with the Pyramid Pan

The Pyramid Pan (2 for $20) is a 16″ x 11.5″ dishwasher- and microwave-safe silicone cooking mat that you insert into a regular baking pan to A) reduce a sticky mess on your pan, and B) make food leaner and crispier. Its patented pyramid technology simultaneously drains fat while allowing your oven’s heat to get at the bottom of your meat (heh heh).

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The claim is that the Pyramid Pan produces a more evenly cooked, less fatty meal that takes little to no effort to clean up. Is that true? Yes … and no, but in a “we totally set Pyramid Pan up to fail because we cooked steak in the oven like morons” kind of way.

It kicked ass with bacon. While cooking bacon for maximum flavor can be tricky — you want it crisp but still packed with flavor — Pyramid Pan produced the right amount of crisp and left a nice collection of grease that didn’t end up in our guts. What’s more, the fat washed off with ease.